Cause and Effect

1) Everything you THINK or DO is a CAUSE set in motion, even what you decide not to do. #CauseAndEffect

2) For every seed sown there’s a harvest ahead, Time is just a buffer. #CauseAndEffect

3) Not sowing a seed is a seed sown; It is also a cause set in motion with a harvest called LACK. #CauseAndEffect

4) You reap WHAT you sow not necessarily WHERE you sow. #CauseAndEffect

5) Every ACTION has an EFFECT. We just don’t know WHEN the Effect will Manifest and HOW it Manifests -In private or in public. #CauseAndEffect

6) The Effects of your ACTIONS set your Life in a particular DIRECTION which will determine your DESTINATION. #CauseAndEffect

7) Though Your DESTINY is pre-set, you Chart the Course or Alter it by your daily THOUGHTS & ACTIONS. #CauseAndEffect

8) Ever wondered why someone’s name WRITTEN (preset) in the book of life can be ERASED (blotted out). #CauseAndEffect

9) Your DESTINATION in life is a culmination your daily ACTIONS which must be carried out with DILIGENCE and DISCIPLINE. #CauseAndEffect

10) DISCIPLINE is KNOWING what you SHOULD NOT DO and NOT DOING IT and KNOWING what you SHOULD DO and DOING IT. #CauseAndEffect


12) The LACK of PRACTICE is PRACTICE, Many people fail to realize that this also PERFECTS. #CauseAndEffect

13) The Man who is LAZY is PRACTISING LAZINESS, soon he will EPITOMIZE it. #CauseAndEffect


15) Ever seen anyone with UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE flowing EFFORTLESSLY? Wonder why? #CauseAndEffect

16) PRIVATE Practice leads to PUBLIC Celebration. #CauseAndEffect

17) The LACK of PRIVATE PRACTICE can lead to PUBLIC DISGRACE. #CauseAndEffect

18) Change becomes VISIBLE in the PROCESS of time and not in a MOMENT in Time. #CauseAndEffect

19) Practice daily and in the Process of time the world will see that you’ve Changed. #CauseAndEffect

20) Better 10 push-ups DAILY than 100 push-ups all in ONE DAY.#CauseAndEffect

21) We will all give ACCOUNT of how we used our TIME on earth. #CauseAndEffect

22) You will account for your lifetime which is culmination of YEARS, MONTHS, DAYS, HOURS, MINUTES and SECONDS. So what are you doing this SECOND? #CauseAndEffect

23) SCIENCE is just an expression of #CauseAndEffect, seek explanations(wisdom), nothing just happens. There is a cause to every effect.

24) People don’t get wealthy just BY CHANCE, they get wealthy because they CHOOSE to take a CHANCE. #CauseAndEffect

25) The EFFECT is your DESTINATION, the CAUSE is the SET of ACTION STEPS that will get you there. #CauseAndEffect

26) TIME and CHANCE happen to all men but men have got to RECOGNIZE their TIME and RESPOND to CHANCE. #CauseAndEffect

27) The OPPORTUNITY of a LIFETIME must be SEIZED in the LIFETIME of the OPPORTUNITY. #CauseAndEffect

28) If it has to BE then it is up to ME. #CauseAndEffect

29) The BELIEF in LUCK and HAPPENSTANCE is for the SHALLOW, I believe to every EFFECT there is a CAUSE. #CauseAndEffect

30) There is a SCIENCE to SUCCESS, discover the PATTERN of successful people and watch your life CONFORM. #CauseAndEffect

31) Your life is an exact reflection (EFFECT) of your THOUGHTS, ACTIONS and INACTIONS. #CauseAndEffect


32) REGRET is TOMORRROW’s recognition of a BAD CAUSE which you SET in motion or a GOOD CAUSE which you did NOT set in motion. #CauseAndEffect

33) REGRET is an EXPENSIVE EMOTION you cannot afford. #CauseAndEffect

34) While you have the liberty to CHOOSE the CAUSE you do NOT have the liberty to CHOOSE the EFFECT. #CauseAndEffect

35) The guys who PLAY (the Effect) tomorrow, ARE PAYING (the Cause) today however, the guys who PAY tomorrow are PLAYING TODAY. #CauseAndEffect

36) TOMORROW will be TODAY&TODAY will be YESTERDAY&YESTERDAY will be a MEMORY & the MEMORY will be a LEGACY or REGRET. #CauseAndEffect

37) When you BLAME others for your PRESENT PREDICAMENT, you FORFEIT your PERSONAL POWER to provoke CHANGE your life. #CauseAndEffect

38) FAILURE is not just an OUTCOME, it is a STATE you assume when you FORFEIT your PERSONAL POWER by avoiding RESPONSIBILITY. #CauseAndEffect

39) Quit AGONIZING, stop playing the VICTIM, GRAB life by the THROAT and DICTATE to it which DIRECTION you want to go. #CauseAndEffect

40) Life is NOT ACCIDENTAL, Life is INTENTIONAL Things don’t just happen, PEOPLE make things HAPPEN. #CauseAndEffect

41) Sometimes the JOURNEY to SUCCESS starts with a change of TRAJECTORY. #CauseAndEffect

42) DIRECTION is more important than SPEED, find the right CAUSE and set your life on that COURSE. #CauseAndEffect

43) 22 players on a pitch, no GOAL POST; many people working in life with NO GOALS. #CauseAndEffect

44) The RICHEST man sees the FARTHEST, as for the POOR beggar, all he sees is his next meal. #CauseAndEffect

45) The CHANGE you seek isn’t PROBABLE, it’s POSSIBLE – it lies in what you DECIDE to DO and what you DECIDE NOT TO DO. #CauseAndEffect

46) What if you SUCCEED? What if what you are AFRAID of is actually AFRAID of You? #CauseAndEffect

47) Your SUCCESS is hidden in your ROUTINE, it’s not merely a routine, it’s the ROUTE-IN to your desired FUTURE. #CauseAndEffect

48) Whenever you FALL, make sure you PICK SOMETHING. #CauseAndEffect

49) What we do NOT know, we tend to MYSTIFY, what we do NOT know is that it is all. #CauseAndEffect

50) Imagine I didn’t embark on a Cause to tweet on #CauseAndEffect? What Effect would it have?