Grab that BULL

1) Has anyone ever WON an GRAMMY for a song they WANTED to sing? #GrabthatBull

2) Do you know anyone who has WON an AWARD for an achievement in the future?  #GrabthatBull

3) YESTERDAY is HISTORY, TOMORROW is a MYSTERY but TODAY is your REALITY so SEIZE it!  #GrabthatBull

4) Do you have GREAT DREAMS? Here’s my advice STOP DREAMING and START DOING  #GrabthatBull

5) Don’t wait for the PERFECT MOMENT to come because the PERFECT MOMENT NEVER COMES  #GrabthatBull

6) If it is not a REASON FOR SUCCESS, junk it because it will be an EXCUSE FOR FAILURE  #GrabthatBull

7) Too MANY DREAMERS, too FEW DOERS  #GrabthatBull

8) PROCRASTINATION doesn’t just KILL TIME it KILLS YOU, so  #GrabthatBull


10) PREPARE for that OPPORTUNITY BEFORE it comes so when the OPPORTUNITY comes, YOU ARE READY to  #GrabthatBull

11) Yesterday you TALKED about it, SULKED about it, CRIED about it,WHINED about it. STOP! Its time to  #GrabthatBull

12) Quit waiting to START BIG. Start no matter how SMALL because the LITTLE one will become a THOUSAND  #GrabthatBull

13) NONE CANNOT become a THOUSAND but ONE CAN become a THOUSAND so just  #GrabthatBull

14) STAGNATION is just ZERO EFFORT a THOUSAND Times  #GrabthatBull

15) GRAB that pen and WRITE A LINE, GRAB that phone and MAKE A CALL, DO something to ADVANCE your CAUSE. Just  #GrabthatBull

16) Sometimes the way UP is DOWN. Ask the SEED in the GROUND.  #GrabthatBull


18) STOP WAITING for the FUTURE because the FUTURE has been WAITING for you so  #GrabthatBull

20) You FEAR the UNKNOWN but the UNKNOWN is actually AFRAID of YOU  #GrabthatBull

21) What would have happened if STEVE JOBS, BILL GATES, the WRIGHT BROTHERS, HENRY FORD were AFRAID of the UNKNOWN  #GrabthatBull

22) The BLESSING is on the WAY, not at HOME. So GET up, GET Going and  #GrabthatBull

23) Most of Jesus’ MIRACLES happened on the ROAD to SOMEWHERE  #GrabthatBull

24) Jesus’ DISCIPLES were BUSY people when he called them. They weren’t home WATCHING TV. So  #GrabthatBull

25) You don’t have a JOB? WAKE UP and smell the coffee, there are NO JOBS but there is WORK. Find WORK and  #GrabthatBull

26) VOLUNTEER, find WORK! Give yourself the OPPORTUNITY to DEVELOP and be NOTICED!  #GrabthatBull

27) Nobody NOTICES how GOOD you are holding a TV REMOTE, but perhaps we NOTICE how well OPERATE a COMPUTER  #GrabthatBull

28) The MOST important WORDS are the WORDS you TELL YOURSELF. Don’t WAIT for anyone, MOTIVATE yourself TODAY and  #GrabthatBull

29) DO something PRAISEWORTHY today because our APPRECIATION of your EFFORTS makes you want to DO MORE  #GrabthatBull

30) DISTRACTION is an ATTRACTION that SIDETRACKS you from your GOAL. Focus and  #GrabthatBull

31) DIVISION is DI-VISION meaning 2 VISIONS. Channel your EFFORTS towards that ONE thing that’s EXPEDIENT  #GrabthatBull

34) You spread yourself THIN when you CHASE many THINGS  #GrabthatBull

35) SIGHT can be a DISTRACTION! BE BLIND to any DISTRACTIONS to your GOAL. FOCUS and #GrabthatBull

36) A MAN goes into a shop & buys what he NEEDS& MORE, a BLIND man enters a SHOP& ONLY BUYS WHAT HE NEEDS. FOCUS and #GrabthatBull

37) Quit complaining about YESTERDAY, the WINDSCREEN is way BIGGER than the REAR VIEW MIRROR! FOCUS and  #GrabthatBull

38) There is MORE INFRONT of you than there is BEHIND you! FOCUS and  #GrabthatBull

39) EveryTIME you PUSH what should be done TODAY into the FUTURE, You PUSH what should be DONE in the FUTURE into ETERNITY #GrabthatBull

40) YESTERDAY, you said YOU WILL DO IT and DIDN’T. TODAY WHAT SAY YE?  #GrabthatBull

41) The SECRET of SUCCESSFUL people is hidden in WHAT THEY DO and NOT in the EXCUSES they MAKE #GrabthatBull

42) TODAY is YOUR OPPORTUNITY so  #GrabthatBull