• Core Values Intervention Program

    The disparity between the values written on plaques in offices and the behavioural traits of employees has become a matter requiring urgent intervention.

    It is important that people go through coaching/ therapy interventions to ensure that they imbibe the expected values within an institution. Most of the issues employers/supervisors have to grapple with stem from previous emotional experiences and environments they have grown up in.

    In this intervention we help employees discover (for themselves) the behavioural gaps which they have through weekly one-on-one coaching and telephone interactions. We also assist them with developing a strategy which they are committed to. This is to ensure they fully imbibe the necessary traits that align with the Institution’s values

  • Releasing with Ease

    We will help you design a seamless disengagement plan for your organization by empowering and equipping staff that will be disengaged, preparing them to face the challenges of the future.

    We have developed an Employability and an Enterprise Development Framework that will significantly help these staff as they exit the system

  • Culture Change Management

    Culture is formed by values, which lead to habits, which become your reputation, and invariably, your BRAND.

    Sometimes, when your staff have been “SET” in their ways, it is imperative to foster a “Culture Change Management” process to transform the mindset and behaviour of your people to align with the desired culture.

    We are adept at fostering sustainable change via transforming both the systems, policies, processes and most importantly, your people.

  • Telephone Assessment

    The customers’ perception of your organization will be determined by their perception of the way your telephone is answered; – professional, efficient, pleasant, bored, tired, busy or uninterested.

    Let us assist you in developing a WORLD CLASS, WOW! Telephone experience.

    Using mystery callers, we will manage an organisation wide Telephone Assessment, determine your Telephone Experience, determine the locations with the best and worst telephone experience and generate an Average Telephone Index for your organisation.