• A must have experience! A training that makes you aware of a part of you that you didn’t know existed or was important and shows you how to be more in charge of your emotions & self.

    Olotu Opeyemi - GT Bank
  • It's like I've been sleeping, not having a clue on a number of things, but this training has opened my eyes.

    Sanusi Yakubu - AMCON
  • It is very educative in the sense that Emotional Intelligence gives the capacity to understand our own feelings and that of others which is needed by all and sundry

    Oluwatoyin Abimbola - Union Bank
  • Awesome! This training should be repeated every six months to ensure follow up and improvement in every sphere of one’s life!

    Olumide Badaru - Mansard
  • The application of this training would drastically change one’s life.

    Baderin Adebambo - Union Bank
  • Extremely insightful, fun and highly interactive!

    Eniola Oshodi - Mansard
  • It is a practical training and every union bank staff must attend.

    Rafiu Momoh - Union Bank
  • A wow experience! Interesting & mind touching!

    Okunfeyiwa Hope - Mansard
  • It was an awesome and life-changing experience. It started reflecting during the training.

    Tokunbo Omotola - Union Bank
  • Fascinating!

    Odusanya Adetola - Mansard
  • I am now able to differentiate between personality types and how to relate understand them better.

    Adekunbi Olumuyiwa - Union Bank
  • Revealing & educative!

    Tola - Mansard
  • WOW!!! The training just speaks to every aspect of my life.

    Obi-Obueze Nwamaka - Union Bank
  • I realize I've been sleeping but now I'm awake to my job, and I MUST do well in all ramifications.

    Auta Audu - AMCON
  • I would recommend this training!

    Onwordi Patricia - Mansard
  • It’s the training I’d love to attend always.

    Ayodeji Agbelusi - GT Bank
  • With what I learnt, I can make improvements on my attitude towards work and be more dedicated.

    Musa D. Abubkar - AMCON
  • Very beneficial & eye opening!

    Elfreda Eregie - Mansard
  • Fabulous!

    Michael Dukor - GT Bank
  • Now I know that in every problem lies an opportunity that I can explore.

    Evans Essien - AMCON
  • The training was enlightening and life transforming. It’s so empowering and it has propelled me to take specific actions that I am sure will make me a better person.

    Deinma Charles - Union Bank
  • By what Mr. Bankole taught us, I can improve myself. I recommend him to facilitate our next trainings.

    Aliyu Abubakar - AMCON
  • It’s a training that brings out the potential in you, discovers what you’re not using and shows you how to use it.

    Oshinunga Olusile - GT Bank
  • The best training experience so far!

    Adedoyin Akinyede - Mansard
  • Compulsory for everyone!

    Bashua Seun - GT Bank
  • The training was insightful and has opened my mind to mind blowing ideas and changes!

    Dayo Fasan - Mansard
  • It’s by far, my best training. Very interactive & I learnt enough to improve, not only my job, but my personal life.

    Dolapo Adebiyi - GT Bank
  • It was truly an eye-opening, mind re-orientating programme.

    Igwe Inoocent - Union Bank
  • Impressive. Commendable. Worthwhile.

    Faruq Okunola - GT Bank
  • Been blaming everybody but myself. Now, I will take responsibility and change.

    Prince Ezekiel - AMCON
  • A landmark event in my life!

    Idoko Negedu - GT Bank
  • Before the training, I was nowhere in terms of future planning, but now, I know I'm going somewhere.

    Emmanuel Ugwu - AMCON
  • A life changing experience!

    Muokwe Jeanine - GT Bank
  • A very interesting and useful course both for the organisation and private life. Could help to shape one’s behavioural pattern.

    Armstrong Nzeh - Union Bank
  • I’m glad I was nominated for this course as it has enlightened me on the power of my mind and how I can be a more emotionally intelligent person.

    Aderinola Adesiyan - GT Bank
  • Mind blowing & eye opening!

    Seun Fasoranti - Mansard
  • Expository an Inspirational!

    Helen Ayodele - Union Bank
  • Awesome! Captivating! Eye opening! Mind blowing!

    Nkiru Igwe - Mansard
  • It is an eye opener.

    Nwobiara Kalu - Union Bank
  • Very impactful, different from all previous trainings. Really motivated me to achieve my dreams!

    Omotola Lawson - Mansard