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Like a diamond out of the rough, so was I when I first walked into Mr Bankole’s class sometime in March 2016. Filled and constantly tormented by the happenings in my upbringing. Low in confidence and losing everything I had worked for as a result of the battles in my mind. I had been known to be a very articulate and inspirational speaker but all that was now in the shadows  due to the horrible and “nightmareish” experiennces from people in my past.
Messed up by those experiences, everything in my life began to change, my weaknesses became more pronounced and my strengths suddenly became weaknesses. I became like a man who enlisted in the army of his enemies to wage war against himself. I lost everything…my confidence, my assertiveness, my brilliance, initiative and exceptional problem solving skills were all gone. I got to that stage where I felt as though the emptiness in me was only surpassed by the emptiness in me. I lost everything, I began to live a life without ambition, vision or goals…just living each day without any hope in sight and yes, I contemplated suicide! I wanted to end it all but guess what; God was and is always faithful.

God led me to Mr Bankole’s class through a friend and from that day, I began living again. I had a therapy session for about 2 hours with Mr Bankole and just like a blacksmith refining gold, he was able to through his expertise help me uproot all the bad experiences in my life and also realign me with my true values.

Don’t let a trial convince you but let the experience mould and reshape you.
Thank you Mr Bankole for allowing God to use you so mightily for me and I believe that God will use Mr Bankole for you too…only if you are ready to open your mind and follow his leadership.

Now I have a life full of light and beautiful experiences!
You can too…if you want.

Omotunde Davies

My story is amazing one I must say, but meeting Bankole made it awesome.

I was on a journey to loosing myself, I never knew what was going wrong with me but I knew somehow I had lost track of who I really was, filled with anger, I could not relate to love and I was scared to show it even if it tried to come around.

I did not like how I felt but I did not want to change who I was because I imagined people will begin to see my weakness and hence start taking me for granted.

I attended the mind-set makeover class with an ‘I really do not care’ attitude but then when the class was over, I broke down in tears. Not only was my mind-set worked on, it hit me that my life had been controlled by some forces I personally was not aware of. I went further and booked a therapy session and this became my moment of change.

I was able to uncover the hidden truth of my past that was affecting my future, I connected with the decisions I made from the very day I heard that slap my mum gave me on my face just because I wanted to help resolve a dispute between herself and my dad and I vowed never to care or show love to anyone since that was what it caused me.

After my session with Bankole, my eyes opened and it felt like I had been seeing the world from the wrong angle, I felt lighter and free of the burden as Bankole carefully walked me through the process of divine healing, making me see the best out of that situation and how my life can be better if I wanted it to be.

From that day till today,my life has never remained the same.

To say Bankole is a great coach is an understatement he is a blessing sent to the world to help lift the burden of pain and I am a witness to that.

Uju Chukwu

For a while now, I have been under the coaching of Bankole Williams and today after a long time we had a therapy session as planned.

Let me take it back a bit. Before the day was scheduled I was a bit anxious and as the days came close, it grew but the hustle and bustle of life made me forget it.

Fast forward to a day before the session and as usual, I had thoughts of not showing up but rather than talking myself out of it. I had to give myself reasons to attend the session.

So I am in Bankole Williams’ office and he asks me questions which I proffer answers to. I tried not to get weepy but I spilled a few. From the beginning, he made sure I was comfortable with the whole process and what it would entail which made me more than ready to start.

We walked through incidences in my past and gradually, I just let my guard without knowing (this is not something I do well). After the session, I came to the realisation that I was an opportunity waiting to happen and though I couldn’t understand some of what happened and Bankole told me not to try to. I felt inspired, lifted, fearless, new, like all those things that happened didn’t matter anymore. In reality, they don’t really matter.

The more exciting part is on my way home, I was doing things, I don’t normally do like saying hello to almost everyone I came close to and there was a stride in my steps that I was wondering where it came from.

Suddenly, I knew what I wanted and I can’t wait to put it on paper. I sincerely can live with this and I look forward to my coming achievements.

Hope you all find your resolutions.

Tasleemah T.

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