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My First Encounter with Bankole Williams over 2 years ago changed my life literally. So, when he personally invited me (great privilege) for the Mindset Makeover Masterclass, I knew yet again I was going to have a paradigm shift.
I had a transformation. Over 2 years of battling a medical condition that defied the doctors’ explanations; I was able to trace the root cause in class and that was it! I got healed!

Thank you Bankole for “Living Your Dreams because now I am living without fear”

Temitope Ogunniyi

Thank God for Instagram! That’s how I got to know about the Masterclass for April 2016.

Very many of us have had one sad experience in the past. Let me speak for myself.

I’d been a victim of all sorts of abuse. At some point in my journey as a Christian…I had to forgive every one who assaulted me one way or the other.
I thought I had truly let go however, for many years…I wasted my life making TERRIBLE decisions. You have no idea. As much as I thought I was good to go…I actually destroyed relationships, quit very good jobs and was really stubborn.

Bankole’s Masterclass came just in time. I was tired of me. I needed help with the self-destructing patterns living in me. Oh yes…with all my “spirikoko”.
The class was worth so much more than what I paid for it. I met other people with their own pains and it was exhilarating seeing us open up.

The BEST part was how Bankole took us from one step to another opening our eyes to see even much more than we thought we had let go off. We learned how to use our experiences to shape what we’ve been assigned to accomplish in our lives and the lives of others. No one returned home the same I tell ya!

And he (Bankole) still follows up on us till date!!!

Thank you Bankole

Wondefull Abuah


Bankole is the TOTAL PACKAGE. Unlike many coaches who just help you identify the problem, he goes a step further to proffer solutions to the problem.

He is an excellent speaker, who communicates with absolute clarity and knows how to connect with his audience.

There is no way I am forgetting the things I have learnt from him in a hurry. Trust me, I have learnt a lot. I am leaving here a far better version of myself.

Today was certainly a defining moment for me. I am glad I came. I would recommend this class over and over and over and over again.

Welcome the new me, watch out for her!

Bowale Agboade

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